Saturday, 2 July 2016

What Candy Boxes Have to Say About Your Candy-Making Business

Who here loves candy?  Pretty much everyone, right?  Not that many people don’t like candy.  Of course, we all like different types of candy, and that’s the beauty of candy in the first place!  There are so many different kinds that we have enough to choose from.  Take myself, for example.  I don’t really like sugar candies.  If I want candy I’m going to get a chocolate bar.  I’m not going to waste my calories or my sugar tolerance on Smarties or Swedish fish.  My husband, on the other hand, doesn’t really go for the creamy richness of chocolate.  He likes the punch of sour candies and the variant textures.

Anyone in the candy-making business knows this already, of course.  But do they know how important candy boxes are to the whole thing?  Essentially, the candy boxes are the face of the business.  No candy-maker would take their beautiful confectionery out of the display case, put it in a Ziploc bag and then hand it to a customer. 

Fortunately for the candy maker, there are almost just as many kinds of candy boxes as there are of candy.  Okay, that might be serious exaggeration, because the different types of candy are probably infinite, but there are definitely enough varieties of what to package the candy in so as not to be boring. 

When we think candy boxes we probably think of Russell Stover’s, white boxes with a printed on gold ribbon.  When you take the lid off you see an assortment of chocolates, each in their own little separated spot.  These are old school, though.  Designs have really taken off in the modern day and age, and this is what I recommend for someone looking to spice up their business.

Consider the the little round, cardboard containers with a bright design printed on the outside (perhaps some thick blue and white stripes, or a colorful paisley pattern).  The top and bottom are clear so that you can see the amazing delicacy just waiting for you inside.  Or what about the clear containers with a metal pull-tab top, that looks like a soda can.  Filled with jelly beans they just call to people like a siren.  

Somehow you are so much more helpless against buying a clear cylinder resembling a soda can than you are when looking at the alternative, say a square white box (no offense, Russ).  My personal favorite are still the paper boxes, but with colorful designs on them and then tied with a colorful ribbon.  Hashtag classic.